Why Hatsuyuki Is King!


Most likely one of the first things you did when deciding to buy an ice shaving machine was trawl the internet for the cheapest deal, lets face it….they aint cheap. And while scrolling page after page you come across similar looking machines at a fraction of the cost, and you wonder ‘hmmm could they do the same job’ unfortunately for you and your wallet the answer is a resounding no.
The famous Hatsuyuki ice shaver has been the market leader for many years. It is simple to use, reliable and produces consistently quality products fast and at the flick of a switch. With exceptional build quality and functionality Hatsuyuki ice shavers will not leave any business disappointed.
Why Hatsuyuki is the professionals choice and the best selling commercial ice shaver on the market.
Build quality 
”Blades sharper than a Samurai sword”
The Hatsuyuki range of ice shavers have been developed since the 1960’s and has been evolving since. Japanese manufactured with the highest of workmanship. With its rugged, strong practical design, reinforced casing, internal metal construction and most importantly the blades made from tempered steel, meaning not only does this give you perefct Shave Ice but it means you dont have to change the blades as often (10’000 servings per blade)
”The hatsuyuki is a real work horse”
Proven to withstand years of heavy usage the Hatsuyuki is a ‘real work horse’ which will never let you or your business down. At Shave Ice we still to this day use ”old Betty” our original machine – she still shaves just as good now as she did back in 2007….Now thats reliability!
”Shave a product every 15 seconds”
You wont find an ice shaver that can produce fine fluffy snow as quick as a Hatsuyuki, because of its powerful motor shave ice is made easily and quickly meaning you are able to shave a product every 15 seconds, meaning more to time to spend serving customers and ultimately more time taking money off them.

Ease of use
One of the few things to be maintained on your ice shaver is the blade, since blades are unique to each machine, it seems it would be difficult to find replacement blades or any other parts for that matter, which bring our most important concern….customer service. These cheaper generic machines are mass produced in China, whilst Hatsuyuki have been long standing makers of ice shavers for years and are at the very forefront of the shave ice industry, proven to withstand years and years of heavy use and able to knock out fine smooth snow within seconds effortlessly. If nothing else the reputation of Hatsuyuki alone should be enough reason to purchase one.
“The Hatsuyuki is king”.

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