Hawaiian Ice

Hawaiian ice

What is a Hawaiian Ice?

Hawaiian ice is made by taking ice cubes and using a Hatsuyuki ice shaver, shaving them down to the consistency of fine snow. This snow is collected in the brightly coloured eye catching ‘flower cups’  and shaped into a dome, our premium Shave ice syrups are then drenched over the top of the snow producing this wonderfully refreshing and aesthetically gorgeous treat. Because the Hatsuyuki ice shavers are able to produce light fluffy shave ice just like real snow our specially formulated syrups are actually absorbed and held in suspension with snow crystals. This means more than one flavour can be applied to the snow creating amazing multi coloured refreshments whose flavours last all the way down to the bottom.

Where is Hawaiian Ice sold?


Hawaiian Ice is sold at festivals, outdoor events, Country shows, Markets, Trade Shows, Galas, Gymkanas, Outdoor and Indoor visitor attractions and shopping centers.. The list goes on. Basically where ever there is people there should be a Hawaiian Ice stand, so If you haven’t seen one at any of the above it means there’s an exciting opportunity to be had and it could be you to explode this exciting opportunity.

How can Hawaiian Ice be sold?

Hawaiian Ice is a flexible product, because there is no need for plumbing and the option to have the Hatsuyuki in a 12v version connect to a battery) literally the possibility’s are endless , counter top in a shop, on the back of a bike in the field, converted trailers and Branded Gazebos. Below are just some Ideas of How Hawaiian Ice is sold.