The Shave Ice Company Syrup flavour list.


The Shave Ice Company – Flavour list.

Strawberry  Our best seller. Sizzlingly Sweet, Juicy and slightly Sour, The delicious delights of Strawberry will take your taste buds to Heaven and back.

Strawberry is the third element along with Blue Raspberry and Tropical to create the world famous ‘Rainbow’ flavour, without Strawberry there’s no Rainbows.

Blue Raspberry – Our best seller. Brilliantly Blue, Tartely tasty. Blue Raspberry always hits all the right spots.

Blue Raspberry is the main man in making up our hugely popular ‘Blue Hawaii’ flavour.

Tangy Apple – Our best seller. Gorgeously Green Tangy Apple is crisp sweet and a fruity delight, amazing Apple will invade tastebuds to guarantee all round satisfaction.

When combined with Cherry flavour Tangy Apple with a twist can be a real delight, Our ‘rotten apple’ flavour is always a huge hit.

Tropical – Our best seller. Tantalising tasty Tropical, bright brash and beautiful. One taste of Tropical will have you feeling like you’re sat on a sun lounger in the Bahamas.

Tropical compliments almost everything but is best known for it’s starring role in our famous ‘Rainbow flavour’

Lemon & Lime – Our best seller. Lemon & Lime, luxurious and luscious with a sweet sour twist. Crisp colourful and sweet. Lemon & Lime will have your palette on a one way trip to Heaven.

Lemon and Lime makes up the incredible ‘Hulk’ flavour along with Classic Cola and Green Tangy Apple.

Classic Cola – Our best seller. Classic Cola is cool clean and crisp, with it’s sweet succulent and massively distinctive taste. Dark dangerous and delightful. Classic Cola never fails to impress tastebuds.

Classic Cola adds a sumptuous twist to it’s role in the popular ‘Pink Princess’ flavour.

Pink Bubblegum Our best seller. A Sweet mouthwatering delight of Hubba Bubba like perfection. Perfectly Pink, loud luscious and downright lovely. Pink Bubblegum with have your tongue tingling and your lips in love.

Pink Bubblegum has a starring role in the famous ‘Pink Princess’ flavour, an exsquite taste fit for a Princess.

Cherry – Our best seller. Strong, sumptuous and sublime. A bomb of Cherry will immerse your mouth lips and tastebuds and you will never be the same again. Radically Red with a cool looking tone. Cherry is certainly the bomb.

Cherry is best known for it’s part in the amazing Rastaman. Along with Tropical and Green Tangy Apple, The coolest Shave Ice offering on the planet!

Mango – Our best seller. Mango is more’ish mellow and meticolous in it’s pursuit of delighting your taste sensations. Beautifully bright with a sweet kick that will have you on cloud nine instantly.

Mango performs superbly alongside Tangy Apple to perform a fabulous fruity attack on your tastebuds.

Orange – Our best seller. Orange is sensationally sweet smooth and sumptuous. Bright brash and beautiful. Quenching your thirst for the finer things in life. This juicy delight is always a big hit.

Orange can be added to anything to add that delicious juicy twist.

Cotton Candy – Cotton Candy is Classic crisp and confectionary in taste, soft sublime and nothing short of sensational. Brightly coloured with pizzaz and flamboyance. Cotton Candy will have you feeling like you’re in the middle of a sweet shop whilst it collapses around you.

Cotton Candy complimented with Tutti Frutti will create a contrasting mix of tastebud emotions that will leave your head in a spin.

Irn-Bru – Strong, satisfying Scottish and superb, Iron Brew has all the elements to deliver a punch of flavour that your mouth will be left reeling from, Strikingly Orange and shockingly tasty, Irn Bru will leave you enriched and enthralled and looking up trips to Scotland.

Irn Bru performs well anywhere but we find it to be great when combined with Classic Cola to create a traditional twist to these absolute classics.

Coconut – Coconut, you’d be nuts to not be captivated by Coconut. Tropical, fresh and fabulous. One taste will have you feeling as if a Coconut has just dropped out a Palm tree straight on to your head. Yet you’ll be coming back for more and more.

Coconut compliments Pink Lemonade to give you a sweet smooth cocktail like sensation that will leave you satisfied everytime.

Root Beer – The Root of all goodness. Root Beer is a sweet soda taste with added spice. Guaranteed to tangle any taste buds into submission. Cool calm and collective, Root Beer is always a massive hit.

Root Beer is at it’s awesome best when mixed with Tropical flavour to create a sensation so sweet and soulful that your tastebuds will feel drunk in love.

Blue Bubblegum – Blue bold bubbly and bloody beautiful. Blue Bubblegum is cool and crisp with a sweet fresh taste. A notorious navy colour, Blue bubblegum always stands out from the crowd.

Combine Blue Bubblegum with Pink Bubblegum to create a taste sensation so strong you’ll think you’ve been in the midst of an explosion at the chewing gum factory.

Grape – Grape, immensely great Grape is pungent fruity and fantastic. Guaranteed to give your tastebuds a ‘bunch’ of sensations you didn’t realise were possible. Prominently Purple with passion and heart, Grape always hits the spot.

Grape can be combined with Strawberry and Orange to collaborate together on waging on a war on tastebuds around the world, attacking buds you didn’t even know existed. Always a winner.

Tigers blood – No actual Tigers were harmed during the making of our amazing Tigers blood flavour, instead we harmed Watermelons, Strawberries and Coconuts, all in aid of bringing you this sensational flavour that will have feeling like you’re India’s most dangerous predator! Perfect for a day of relaxing under the sun. Tigers blood certainly gets its claws into tastebuds and leaves its mark.

Tigers blood and Green Tangy Apple can be the perfect accompiament on a hot steamy summers day. Your quenching palette will be forever in your debt after you deliver it one of these bad boys. Roarrrrrr!

Pomegranate – Pomegranate is a sweet succulent shrub of success, a striking Red colour combined with its sweet and fruity tastes will leave you in Pomegranate Heaven and you won’t want to leave any time soon.

Pomegranate flavour can be mixed with Coconut flavour to create a taste so contrasting your tastebuds will feel like they’ve just come of the Waltzers. But they’ll certainly want to jump straight back on.

Tutti Frutti –  Derived from the Italian meaning ‘All fruits’. Tutti Frutti will have your tastebuds feeling like they’ve just done 12 rounds of boxing with the Fruit shop…..and lost. But you’ll be wanting to jump straight back in the ring time and time again. With it’s strikingly bright appearance Tutti Frutti is always a huge hit.

Tutti Frutti can be mixed with Classic Cola to give an amazing fruity Cola taste, guaranteed to be a winner every time.

Watermelon – Watermelon, wonderful wild and welcome to tastebuds all over the planet, a sweet juicy punch with a mellow mouthfeel. One taste will have you feeling like you’re drinking straight watermelon juice in the Southern Africa sun.

Watermelon is at it’s finest when combined with Strawberry, the two make the perfect pair, tangy, tropical, tasty and tantalising. You’re tastebuds will think they’re on a high speed rollercoaster through Tropical climates.

Pink Lemonade – Pink lemonade is sure to get pulses racing, pink powerful and pristine. Luscious and lemony. Shocking bright with a sour sweetness that grips you from the first taste.

Pink Lemonade combines well with a whole host of flavours, it’s sweetness and colour adds to almost anything. Try it with Cotton Candy for a sweet confectionary taste, your tastebuds will thank you over and over again.

Peach – Peachy, prominent and perfect. Peach is fruity and fabulous. A taste of heaven will engulf your mouth and take you straight to peachy paradise.

Peach can be complimented with Tangy Apple to create a fruity fusion with a kick to attack tastebuds in to sensual submission.

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