Ice Shavers & Snow Cone Machines

The Ice Shaver is the most important part of any Shave Ice business – when you have a queue of thirsty customers it’s the one thing you need to be able to count on….which is why the ShaveIceCo supply Japanese manufactured Hatsuyuki Ice Shavers – without doubt the most reliable Ice Shavers in the world. Hatsuyuki Cube Ice Shavers are available in two options a 220v mains operated machine and the 12v volt battery operated version. For light commercial/home use we also have the Sno-Maker 4000 which is an ideal starter machine, very reliable but not as robust as the Hatsuyuki machines. The snow produced is far coarser than the Hatsuyukis – making it suitable for Snow Cones, but not fluffy enough to produce our premium brands Hawaiian Ice and Sno-Tubz.

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