Hatsuyuki Ice shavers are available in 3 options

The Shave Ice Co. have been exclusive distributors of Hatsuyuki Ice shaving equipment since 2007. Having done years of research The Shave Ice Co. decided that there was only one brand to represent and that was the Japanese brand  “Hatsuyuki”. Renowned for the quality of snow the machines produce and build quality, it is easy to see why they are the worlds number 1 brand of Ice Shaving equipment.

            Hatsuyuki …The Professionals choice……

Hatsuyuki - Ice Shaver

Hatsuyuki - Fresh Snow

In 1963 Chubu Corporation of Japan developed the first Electric Ice Shaver based on there traditional hand cracked machines. This revolutionized the way that Shave Ice was made. This quicker less labour intensive machines allowed the operator  to make products faster and of better quality.It wasn’t long before Hatsuyuki developed its Cube Ice shavers  which are now at the forefront of the Ice shaver Industry – Ice cubes are easilly sourced and easy to store.

from Street food vendor to Michelin Star restaurants ....Hatsuyuki is there