A Nice Shave

What's A Nice Shave all about?

A Nice Shave is our passion and over the next couple of years is going to play a major role in helping us to transition our business into a totally socially responsible business. We want to use our entrepreneurial flare for operating successful businesses, to help benefit our local, regional, national and even international communities. Our aim is that 100% of all retail profits from TheShaveIceCo’s newest brand “A Nice Shave” will go to local and national worthy causes and not private enterprise. We are looking for people and organisations to partner with to make this initiative a reality.  If you are an established fund raiser or charity and looking to raise for a specific cause – please reach out to us and get involved – we are particularly interested in projects focused on children and the younger generation.

a Cool Product with a Warm heart.

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How do I get involved with A Nice Shave?

 TheShaveIceCo is looking for businesses, individuals, foundations and Charities to help us raise serious money by selling our wonderful new brand A Nice Shave, so if you would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can have a chat.