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Importance of Point of Sale and advertising materials.

As the old saying goes ‘we eat with our eyes first’ and we at The Shave Ice Company are certainly in agreement with that.

This places huge importance in Point of sale, point of purchase and advertising materials.

Without Excellent point of sale and marketing you simply aren’t going to achieve huge sales if many at all, that kind of goes without saying right? Luckily for our customers we at The Shave ice company consider ourselves pretty damn adept in this area, not only do we have a huge passion for design and aesthetics, we also have a huge desire for our customers representing us to always look great and stand out no matter where they are located. A combination of an eye-catching design and the correct positioning of a point of sale display can be a great way of promoting and marketing products and therefore increasing sales, if you ensure that your display ticks all the boxes then it should be a very simple way of reaching out to your customers and encouraging them to make more purchases, which can only be a good thing

What we offer…

Whether you be a tiny catering van or a massive restaurant we at the Shave ice company have everything to suit your needs, whether that be eye catching A4 menus or huge striking banners.

‘’To be the best you must strive for perfection in every possible aspect’’

We have been developing our flavours, syrups and product offerings for years and years and can confidently say they are the best in the UK and Europe.

Right so our products are the best, served in the best cups, containers and cones.

Now we need to look better than anybody else as do all our operators.

Well we’ve got that locked down too.

How can you successfully sell Shave Ice brands if your customers don’t know you sell them? In short….you can’t. That’s why we pride ourselves on professionally designed and printed point of sale, point of purchase and marketing materials, fit for purpose and all locations, our outdoor banners are thick, durable and waterproof all made using eco sol (sunlight resistant) inks, competitors if anything at all will use cheap inks, worn and torn faded banners, which all result in marketing looking old tired and washed up.

Consistency across media.

Everything from your awnings and banners to your menu boards and flyers should maintain the exact same look and feel. Not only does this cohesion make it easy for a customer to understand and navigate your product offerings, but it also massively boosts brand recognition.

Simplicity is key.

Creating an excellent customer experience is obviously extremely important, especially in the Shave Ice business. Put yourself in a customers shoes – you want it to be easy to browse the menu, p;ace your order and pick it up quickly. If signs are not clearly printed or are hard to read it will be frustrating to go through this process efficiently and in turn it will make it difficult for your servers as well.

Having three fully established brands, all with their own branding, logos and unique vibe and feel gives us and our operators the opportunity to really differentiate ourselves and stand out to customers.

All our logos and artworks are professionally designed, forever evolving and feature each brands logos and unique feel and vibes, each done with target audience in mind.

Our point of sale offering is constantly updated throughout the year to include all public holidays and major events….so whether it be Halloween Christmas or the world cup we’ll always have you covered, updated and fresh all throughout the year.

We can also supply our operators with custom point of sale materials incorporating their own particular logos.

One things for certain when you join the Shave Ice family we will make sure you have all the best latest point of sale materials to give you a major head start toward those amazing 75%-85% profit margins.

We’ve always got you covered.

Join a winning team today.

Start your Shave Ice adventure.

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