Hidden costs of free on loan Slush machines….

Slush Machine Vs Ice Shaver

What a lot of slush suppliers never want to discuss are the operating costs of having one of their machines rotating slush product all day. A typical 3 barrel slush machine is rated at 1200 watts !!! That’s the same as an domestic IRON !! Which uses an enormous amount of electricity – let’s do the math taking a 12 hours a day, 7 day week convenience store as an example.
8.00am to 8.00pm operation 12 hours day, 84 hours week, 372 hours a month, 4464 per year.
Using 1.2 kWh(kilowatt hours) = 14.4 per day, 100.8 per week, 446 hours per month, 5356 per year.
Electricity costs @ 16.7p per kWh = £2.40 per day, £16.83 per week, £74.48 per month, £894.45 per year
So when a slush company provide a free on loan machine, how free really is it – that machine is going to cost you nearly £900 a year whether you sell any product or not.
As a comparison the electric consumption of a Hatsuyuki machine producing 10,000 servings netting £25,000 in gross sales is 18.33 kWh per annum i.e. £3.06…per YEAR !!
How’s that for carbon footprint…if you don’t care about your customers at least care about your planet.
Who’s going to tell you about this – certainly not the slush companies…
So it doesn’t really matter whether you are a hard nosed capitalist or an evangelistic environmentalist – it makes no sense to consume 1200 watts of energy for 5356 hours per year – when you can consume 220 watts of energy for just 83 hours per year – saving you a caribbean holiday and the Antarctic an iceberg.

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