Snow Cones v Shave Ice

Shave Ice v Snow Cones. What’s the difference?

Shave Ice and Snow cones….so similar yet worlds apart.

‘But I thought they were just the same thing ?’  you say. Well interestingly enough they kind of are but there are also many differences which sort these two titans of the desert world apart.

So what are they ?

Well first and foremost is obviously the name and names they are known by, Snow Cones are commonly known as Snow balls, Sno Cones or Sno kones where as Shaved Ice is often referred to as Hawaiian Ice, Shave Ice or Hawaiian Shave ice, No ‘D’ on the end of shaved as ‘D’ doesn’t feature in the Hawaiian alphabet. Interesting stuff.

The second major difference is the texture.

Snow Cones generally and traditionally have a more crunchy bittier texture as opposed to Shaved Ices soft fluffy like texture.

Snow Cones are often served in wax paper cones or cups which also sets the two apart as Shaved Ice is served in Flower cups or various sized cups, containers.

Another is where they are found….Snow Cones are predominantly found in small convenience stores, school or children’s events and concession stands. Shaved Ice is far more likely to be found at festivals, carnivals or street traders stalls.

As I’m sure you’ve picked up already…Snow Cones tend to be aimed more at younger customers whereas Shaved Ice is likely to appeal to customers of all ages.

This is also prominent in the pricing and size of both products…..Snow Cones are a small hand held treat whilst Shaved Ice is a larger much more substantial desert with endless possibilities of added extras, such as ice cream or sweets.

Snow Cones typically retail for £1-£2 and Shaved Ice is slightly more costly usually retailing at around £2.50-£3.50.

Snow Cones are a huge tradition of the mainland in the USA, The Hawaiians have adopted and evolved Shave Ice as their own.

Both very popular products, both very similar, yet worlds apart.

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