Shaving Indoors

Shave Ice Indoors

Shaving Indoors.

So what is Shaving indoors? We hear you ask…

Well it’s certainly not to be confused with guys grooming over enthusiastic facial hair into masterly crafted goatees and it also doesn’t involve Farmers and Sheep..

However what it does involve is you, Ice Cubes and and a large queue all throwing money your way. Which definitely beats Shaving Sheep, we think.

As you’ve ended up here we assume you’ve probably got an existing businesswhether that be a shop, café, ice cream parlour, convenience store etc etc. The principals always stay the same whatever or wherever your location. So you’ve got the premises, good start! A 220v electric supply, a counter space and a freezer (a freezer is handy but not strictly essential) so all you need now to start Shaving Ice and making some serious money is..

An Ice Shaver

Stocks of Syrups

Cups and straw spoons

Fantastic striking point of sale material to attract customers to your exciting new offering.

Well luckily you’re in the best possible place for all that.

But first of all allow us to tell you a little more about how Shaving indoors can be so beneficial to your business.

We’re going to assume you’d like to increase your businesses turnover by 10-15% …Who wouldn’t?

Feedback from our customers indicate that three months after introducing Shave Ice into their business turnover has increased by 10-15%, having a significant effect on their overall profitability. Shave Ice is a a unique product attracting new business not merely replacing like for like sales, which explains why retailers experience a significant increase in both turnover and profitability. So whether you have a shop, café or convenience store introducing Shave Ice products to your customers will result in a pretty dramatic increase in business. You’re already paying your rent, rates, electricity and wages therefore if you can increase turnover by 10-15% at profit margins of nearly 80% – it can have a massive effect on your overall bottom line profitability, which can’t be bad.

Case study: An outlet in a well known shopping centre introduced Shave Ice products into their business just over 12 months ago, recent year to date figures indicate sales of Shave Ice products accounted for 15% of their gross turnover- i.e. £65k of their £433k total revenues came from retailing Shave Ice products.

Shave Ice represents an excellent opportunity for any retailer to introduce a new product line that their customers will love, and provide significant contributions to both turnover and profitability.

Interested yet…

If you would like to move forward you need to first of all check our brands section, select the best brand for your location/customer base, then make your way over to our products page and look at the Ice Shavers and starter packages, these two items will have everything you need to start selling Shave Ice brands within a week, once you have chosen your brand, machine and starter package please contact us via any of the available mediums and we’ll be delighted to give you a set up price and talk you through any queries or questions you may have.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard a winning team.

Start your Shave Ice journey today.

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