Shave ice Syrups….aren’t they just slush?

Shave Ice Snow Cone Syrups

An obvious question to ask when thinking about getting involved selling Shave Ice products is – “do I have to use Shave Ice syrups or can I use Slush syrups?”.

Now over the years we’ve heard of people have trying everything – Slush syrups, drink concentrates, you name it’s been tried. Truth of the matter is Shave Ice syrups are a specialised product manufactured to perform a specific function. Their formulation is completely different to Slush syrups which are manufactured to be diluted and then frozen. When freezing down Slush Syrups small particles of ice are formed from the water within the mix, the Slush syrup does not freeze so what this means is when slush is consumed through a straw they suck up a syrup and are left with just plain ice. So the Shave Ice syrup is actually absorbed In each flake of Syrup this doesn’t separate, eating this tastes just as good at the end as it did at the beginning, you will never get that with slush.
Shave Ice Syrups are formulated to be applied directly over the Shave Iced product. Techno Alert – we are going to get a bit scientific here – the viscosity of syrups containing sugar are measured in Brix suffice to say that the Brix ratio of Shave Ice syrups are substantially higher than Slush syrups. In addition to the viscosity i.e. the thickness of the syrup – Shave Ice syrups are formulated so both the flavours and the colours are magically held in suspension by the ice crystals in the product.

We are the ONLY manufacturer in Europe that imports genuine Shave Ice concentrates from USA to make our delicious syrups which make our products genuine in every way. ALL other suppliers are using slush based products which just run through the ice, exactly what they are designed to do.

Shave Ice syrups are the way forward

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