One Machine – Four amazing products

Hatsuyuki - Ice Shaver

One Machine – Four amazing products.

There are not many catering machines that once installed can help produce and bring to your business such a range of versatile diverse and profitable products.

 An Ice Shaver utilizes your Ice cube making machine, so you have a ice cube maker already which you’re making ice cubes and putting into drinks for free. How about you take them cubes, run them through an Ice Shaver and create eye catching profitable and unique products, sound good? Then the Hatsuyuki is the machine for you, so what exactly can this Hatsuyuki you speak of offer me? Is probably exactly what you’re wondering right now, well wonder no more….here are four fantastic products made from the machine.

Shave ice refreshments: 

The undisputed kings of the Shave ice world are of course Shave Ice refreshments, hugely prominent in the USA and Far Eastern countries. Hawaiian Ice, Snow Cones and Sno-Tubz are our three fully established brands which are all massively popular amongst people of all ages, our premium brand Hawaiian Ice can be easily produced within 30 seconds using the Hatsuyuki to turn Ice into soft fluffy snow, Shave Ice refreshments are sure to have your customers will be coming back time and time again.

Shave Ice desserts: 

Popular worldwide but a predominately Eastern delicacy used prominently in many Asian cuisines, Shave ice deserts are a visually stunning,  light, refreshing end to a memorable meal. Simply place Ice Cubes into the hopper and turn the machine on, ten seconds later you have light fluffy snow, simply pour Syrups over the top and you have created a light tasty delicate desert similar to a sorbet, with endless possibilities this is where a restauranteurs imagination can really come in to play, hundreds of flavour concoctions and visually stunning creations can be achieved simply, quickly and cheaply, which of course is great for profitability.

Palette cleansers: 

Palette cleansers are a great addition to any menu as they take the dining experience to the next level. A small amount of Shave Ice and flavouring resets and refreshes the pallet in anticipation for the next course, this shows the restaurant go above and beyond to enhance the dining experience and sets you apart from the rest, between course Palette cleansers can also be a great way of promoting the Shave Ice deserts you offer, a small taster sample is always welcomed and received with a smile.


Shave Ice based Cocktails are a fantastic popular addition to any restaurant or bar, not only because of their amazing look and divine taste but also the speed and ease of getting them to your customers. Very similar to blended Cocktails, Shave Ice cocktails are made quicker and easier, so frozen Margarita’s Daiquiris and alcoholic slushies are made with the flick of a switch, simply put the ice cubes into the Ice shaver, shave the ice into a Cocktail shaker, add liquids, top with a Boston tumbler and shake…then Walla! You have an amazing delicious Cocktail, made quietly, quickly and easily.

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