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Shave Ice Snow Cones

Shave Ice Snow Cones

What makes our Snow Cones the best?

Its simple really… We use the top selling commercial Ice shavers on the market to create fluffiest softest Shave Ice for our Snow Cones, along with authentic Shave Ice syrups which are absorbed into the Ice – this creates a delightful and tantalising taste sensation for the mouth.
So basically you won’t find any cheaper Ice crushers or repackaged slush machine here.

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5 Reasons that separate our brand of Snow Cones from the Wannabes.

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Why Shave Ice is such an exciting UK & European business opportunity?

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Featured package – Snow Cones starter package 220v

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Our Award Winning Products

Why our brands won the best New product at the ICA Show.

People are always asking us why are products taste so good – Its simple really- We don’t cut corners to save on price and we always use the best… this simple equation means that our products taste amazing from that mouth watering first spoonful to the thirst quenching lack suck of the straw .

Our Syrups are made from the worlds finest ingredients – Original Authentic USA flavours, Unique colours, British sugar and filtered northumbrian water – All manufactured together in a 5 star bottling plant in the Hexhamshire countryside of the North of England.

But without the right equipment – the product would never look good or taste even better , Thats why from the start we recommend using our top selling “Hatsuyuki “ range of Ice shavers. Made from the toughest materials in Japan – They don’t come better – Thats why we offer a 24 month extended warranty on all our machines.

”Snow Cones are my favourite treat, you simply just can not beat them”
Mia, 10
”I love nothing more than to chillax with a Snow Cone after i’ve done some shopping in the shopping centre”
Elysee, 17
”Me and all my mates love to get a Snow Cone each and try each others flavours, they’re all delicious”
Harry, 14
”Snow Cones are the coolest things here! We just love Snowy”
Zak, 10
”I’ve queued for ten minutes for a Snow Cone and wow it was definitely worth it”
Mikayla, 15
”I always keep an eye out for Snow Cones, so excited when i see a stand selling them”
Billy, 18
”You can’t beat a good Snow Cone, tasty and refreshing”
Karen, 22
”please Mummy can i have another Snow Cone”
Yasmin, 5

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