Ice Shavers & Snow Cone Machines

TheShaveIceCo realized right from the start the importance of quality of machinery – lets face it an unrealable machine will lead to loss sales and a fustrated operator – The machine is the most important part of a Shave Ice business – it needs to be the one thing you can rely on …. when there is a que, and we know you wont be let down by our top selling brand “Hatsuyuki”. 

Plug in or Battery ...that's the Question

Hatsuyuki cube Ice Shaver machines are available in two options a 220v plug into the mains machine or the 12v volt which can be connected direct to a 12v leisure battery and means that it literally can be taken anywhere without power.  . 

Looking for a Snow Cone Machine?

The Sno-Maker 4000 is a great machine if your budget cant warrant a Hatsuyuki. The Sno-Maker 4000 is our budget economy Snow Cone machine ideal for low volume environments.

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