Sno-Tubz Lids

This clear plastic domed lid was specifically designed for our Snow-Tubz product, fitting tightly to the Tub the lids completely encloses the product preventing spills, yet enables the product to eaten via a large hole in the top of the lid.

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Sno-Tubz is our sister brand to Hawaiian Ice, wheras Hawaiian Ice is served in a colourful plastic flower cup, our winter themed Sno-Tub is served in a fully branded polystyrene tub, available with these plastic lids to keep the snow fully enclosed and insulated.

  • Full dome plastic lids prevents the Shave Ice from spilling
  • Insulates the Snow to make the product last longer
  • Plastic lid encloses the product but allows the snow to be eaten from a hole in the lid top

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1000, 500

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