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What are Sno-Tubz?

Sno-Tubz are made by taking ice cubes and using a Hatsuyuki ice shaver, shaving them down to the consistency of snow. This Snow is collected in fully branded polystyrene tubs, our premium Shave ice syrups are then drenched over the top of the snow producing this wonderfully refreshing treat. A domed lid is then clipped into place and the product served to the customer. Because the Hatsuyuki ice shavers are able to produce light and fluffy shave ice just like real snow our specially formulated syrups are actually absorbed and held in suspension within the snow crystals. This means more than one flavour can be applied to the snow creating amazing multi coloured refreshments who’s flavours last all the way to the bottom.

Sno-Tubz were launched in 2009 for our customers wanting a product they could sell indoors during the winter months. A fully branded container featuring a clear plastic domed lid – proved to be the perfect solution for indoor locations like shopping centres where spillage issues could present slip hazards.

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Sno-Tub Starter Packages

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