Sno-maker 4000 Ice Shaver machine

Sno-maker 4000 Ice Shaver machine

The Sno-maker 4000 is our very own branded economy Ice Shaver machine, specially designed to produce a coarser Shave Ice consistency, ideal for creating our fantastic Snow Cones brand.

The Sno-maker 4000 is robust reliable and will produce world class Snow Cones on a consistent basis.

The Information:

Entry level machine: Introduced for the low volume and rental market

High capacity: Produce up to 1.4 kg of Shave Ice per minute

Electrical: 220v, 360 watts

Dimensions W x D x H: 209 X 460 X 360 mm

Weight: 13kgs

Ice hopper capacity: 80 pieces (3cm cubes)

Warranty: 12 months parts and labour

Spares: Available from the Shave Ice Company

Ice Shaving capacity: 1.2 – 1.4 kgs per minute

The Sno-maker 4000 is the best, most robust and reliable economy Ice Shaver available.

Start your Sno-Maker 4000 business today.

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