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One Machine

Four amazing products.

Whether you are a restaurant or bar, Shave ice is an exciting fresh addition to your product offering and menus. Delicious shave ice desserts are the perfect way to end any meal, delectable, light and highly refreshing.
Palette cleansers are a great way of enticing and moisting tastebuds before the next course. Also a handy tool for promotion of your dessert offerings.
On the bar the ice shaver can instantly create all manner of eye catching cocktails.
Last but not least shave ice is the perfect way to present dishes to your customers, whether that be seafood, sushi or fruit, this not only looks visually stunning but also keeps the dish nice and chilled before your customers tuck in.
One machine – endless possibilities.

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Sophisticated elegant desserts.

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Fun and unique desserts.

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Cocktails and drinks

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Shave Ice Desserts

Are popular across the globe.

Countless Asian countries have indigenous Shave ice desserts that are traditionally served within their cuisines and cultures. Many desserts comprise of the main ingredients Shave ice and syrup, which can then be complimented with a huge array of exciting delicious ingredients such as fresh fruit, candy, sweets, sauces or ice cream appealing to all ages and tastes. The very traditional will use ‘Tapioca’ pearls beans and Jellies to create visually and edibilly stunning desserts.

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”We found our deserts weren’t doing too well until we introduced Shave Ice, which provided a much lighter refreshing desert for our customers”
”The Ice Shaver has been a fantastic addition to our restaurant and has been receiving great feedback from staff and customers alike”
”Our customers are absolutely loving our new range of Shave Ice based Cocktails, sales have been massively boosted since introducing them, thanks guys”
”The machine and versatility of the machine is amazing, and most important to me the profitability is superb, fantastic addition”
”We are so pleased with the huge boost in our offerings that Shave Ice has given us, really positive and we are so pleased”
”The restaurant and bar has hugely profited from having Shave Ice, our Desert menu has become a huge hit with customers”
”Absolutely fantastic and versatile addition to the bars offerings, the cocktails are immense”
”So pleased we decided to introduce Shave Ice into our business, nothing but positive reviews from customers and staff thus far”
”What a fantastic product Shave Ice is, it’s been such a boost and our Shave Ice deserts have become massively popular”

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