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Welcome to the wonderful world of Shave Ice

The crew enjoying Shave Ice

Cool products with Hot profits!

We supply everything you need to start selling Shave Ice brands.

So whether you’re just starting out and are looking for a fresh, exciting and lucrative business opportunity or are an existing business looking to sell Shave Ice brands in your preferred location.

We have the brands, the products, the information,  the experience and most importantly all the help and support you will need to get up and running immediately and hassle free, taking advantage of the amazing 80%-85% profit margins selling a Shave Ice brand.

We became the number one Shave Ice and Snow Cone company in the UK and Europe by sharing our expertise and helping people like you become successful Shave Ice/Snow Cone retailers.

 We live and breathe Shave Ice.

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One Company – Three Amazing Brands

Taking the ice refreshment industry by storm since 2007. To find out how and why click below.


Everything you need to know and more.

The Shave Ice Company’s definitive guide to the Shave Ice World.

Profitability and margins

Profitability and retail price. The all important aspect of any business is of course the profitability. ‘How much money can I make’ is probably the question at the

Shaving Indoors

Shaving Indoors. So what is Shaving indoors? We hear you ask… Well it’s certainly not to be confused with guys grooming over enthusiastic facial hair into masterly

Want to know even more?

Head over to our Information Hub which is packed with useful information and advice. Just click below.

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Customer testimonials

We Love our Customers, and they Love us.


Our business is built on relationships, for us to be a success, we need our operators to be a success – if they’re not selling … we are not selling.

‘’Working in a boring office job, i was looking to do something exciting and fun that was different and unique. That’s when i found the Shave ice company! From the moment i tried my very first ‘Sno-Tub’ i knew i was sinking my teeth into something wonderful. From my first initial call to the company i knew i wasn’t going to be treated as a ‘customer’ but rather i had felt that i was joining the Shave ice family!’’
Ash Patel, Sno-Tubz - Blackburn 22/1/15
‘’Having worked on the event circuit for a number of years i was always looking for something new to do. I stumbled across ‘Hawaiian ice’ whilst visiting an event in East Yorkshire and after sampling a number of flavours i knew i’d found what i’d been looking for ; an exciting, eye catching and extremely tasty product. As a result of this i approached the Shave ice company and with their help, advice and incredible support i was running my new business within a few months. They also helped me expand my business and i still receive the same amount of support now, as i did when i first began. I’m so proud to be part of the ‘Shave ice family’
Linda Lucas, Ice bar - Leeds. 10/2/2015
’Tom’s my nephew and believe tor not i was a little sceptical when he first started the business. But over the years i having seen first hand the phenomenal success of Hawaiian ice and just how much money can be made, last year i decided to purchase my very own Sno-shack – two events and everything was paid for – the rest of the year profit. it’s nice to know Tom treats all his customers just like family’’
Will Jones, Sno-Shack- Walkington. 07/01/16
‘’From the very first enquiry i was very surprised that there was already a business that deals with shave ice. I was fully advised about how to get into business and the rest as they say is history. With good advice and guidance i now operate a stall in a local market where shave ice has been a real hit. Products, starting from the syrups (which are amazing) to the flower cups and straw spoons are really eye catching and every portion sold is a walking advertisement which has many curious people coming to purchase one who go on to become regular customers’’
Haziah Selah, Hawaiian ice - London - 03/04/15

Call Rosie today to discuss : +44(0)7494962960

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